Boal-ing in Delhi: Facilitating in the HERE and NOW

Coming home has been hard. It has been a lot of listening, un-learning, asking questions, not getting the answers I had hoped for, trying out my exercises, allowing them to wander into new and exciting directions, and breathing (despite the pollution). Phew. Moving home to Delhi and throwing myself into multiple artistic landscapes and workshop... Continue Reading →

Boal-ing with Jokers at TONYC: Understanding ACCESS

The U.S. government has spoken. My visa is nearing its end and so my bags are packed and apartment cleaned. I am saying farewell to the U.S and all my workshop participants and teachers here who engaged me, challenged me, and opened me up to a world of applied theatre that I never knew existed.... Continue Reading →

Boal-ing with D.C Theater Professionals!

Alexander and I are back as a teaching artist duo and this time to work with actors and teachers from the D.C-Maryland-Virginia area 🙂 Alexander is now an actor in D.C and it was great to have his input as we brainstormed what Boal exercises would be most helpful for this workshop. Alexander mentioned to... Continue Reading →

Boal at the Capitol!

Apologies for this delayed blog post. College life got the better of me but recently Boal has crept back into my life, swinging me out of my academic rut. Read on... On March 27th and 28th I was part of a company of actors, directors and students who presented a 30 minute Boal performance at... Continue Reading →

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