Boal-ing Online: Digital Divergences of Forum Theatre

Real Talk. This year has been hard. I find great comfort in planning for plans and back-up plans but no amount of planning could have prepared me for this pandemic (plan-demic?). I had 'planned' to start my graduate studies at New York University in Drama Therapy in Fall 2020. I had been reading up on... Continue Reading →

Individuating Ingredients : A Sunday with Chocolate Mousse

So I just completed a 10-day interactive course by The Color of Grey Cells– a centre for Creative Arts Psychotherapy in New Delhi, India. This module was for practitioners to explore and develop the self in mental health through theory and practice. Usually all my blogs have been about Theatre of the Oppressed and applied... Continue Reading →

Boal-ing with D.C Theater Professionals!

Alexander and I are back as a teaching artist duo and this time to work with actors and teachers from the D.C-Maryland-Virginia area 🙂 Alexander is now an actor in D.C and it was great to have his input as we brainstormed what Boal exercises would be most helpful for this workshop. Alexander mentioned to... Continue Reading →

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